Ruchir Sharma hails ‘India’s cleanest bull market’. What should investors do now?

Ruchir Sharma hails ‘India’s cleanest bull market’. What should investors do now?

The Indian market has risen to a wall of concern and increased by approximately 19 percent, which led benchmark indices to record levels in just 7 months. Therefore, analysts have described as one of the hated taureuses because very few people attended.

But this is not entirely true. Yes, Indian markets have rebounded for a few months, but this was the source of strong government reforms led by Modi, good macro, stable currency and economic growth, which remains above peers and market economies Developed.

Solid macroeconomic fundamentals have attracted much interest for foreign investors to India and the domestic liquidity shock has helped the investment funds to account for assets under management (AUM) of more than Rs 20 lakh rupees, the highest never.

Therefore, it will be unfair to say that this is one of the upwardly hated markets, but they are perhaps India’s cleanest rising markets, for example, the experts. The demonstration focused on liquidity has not only pushed the prices of semi-trailers funds where there was increasing comfort, but even quality stocks do not have investors disappointed as well.

“This is perhaps the cleanest taurier market in India” is the word of the well-known economist and investor, Ruchir Sharma. Speaking to CNBC-TV’s Shereen Bhan18, in an exclusive talk, said that quality actions have worked like never before.

The most notable feature I find in this bull market is that this was perhaps the cleanest fashion market in Indian history, he said.

I am now following the trail for over 25 years and usually when you get a bull market in India, many low quality companies are doing very well and yet what we find in this market is that bull quality worked like never before Before and is a major break with the past, he added.

Analysts recommend investors to buy quality stocks little by little. A summit on the bull market can be created at any time in the future by looking at the carnage that occurred last week when Indian markets saw a 3.5 percent decline.

If quality stocks, particularly of companies with the dynamics of secular growth and solid balance, are bought peaks; They will not only protect the capital, but will influence inflation through post-bull bull markets, experts suggest.

A list of the top 20 stocks emerged as winners of the previous first hit in the market on January 10, 2008 to this day and the results reiterate that quality companies acquired reasonable high yield of salting.

First-line names in the areas of NBFC and private sectors of the sector / consumer oriented, such as automobiles (including accessories), sales and paint sales companies have delivered the best returns in markets down the next bull market Which followed.

On the other hand, companies with low or high degree of leverage with questionable corporate governance standards have experienced significant depreciation in value.

“The common thread between winning shares, whether Eicher Motors or IndusInd Bank or even food reserves like Shree Cement was that its business was robust, strong and able to generate earnings growth consistently,” Dipan Mehta member, BSE And NSE Moneycontrol said.

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