Reliance Jio Adds Over 6 Million Customers In June

Reliance Jio Adds Over 6 Million Customers In June

Reliance Jio has added more than 6 million customers in June, taking its total subscriber base to 12.3 million rupees, according to figures released by telecoms regulator.

At the end of June 30, Jio market in the wireless category was 10.39 percent. Bharti Airtel has surpassed the market share table with 23.65 market share, followed by Vodafone with 17.86% and 16.54% in Idea.

In the wireless category, Bharti Airtel has added more than 2 million customers in June, followed by BSNL and Vodafone, to almost $ 1 million each.

The 4G Reliance Jio phone function, JioPhone, will give a strong boost to its subscriber base, analysts say. With JioPhone, Jio focus on the phonogram 50 speeds market in India.

In a posting on its website, domestic brokerage Angel Broking said: “Today, almost 50 million rupees mobile phone owners are out of the data area as they do not have smartphones.

Jio now proposes to launch LTE smartphones Special cost zero and only implies a refundable deposit of Rs.1,500. This is likely to open the demand for data services. ”

Since June 30, 2017, private Internet service providers, held 90.92% market share of wireless subscribers during BSNL and MTNL, the two providers access to power supply, only 9.08%.

Total wireless subscribers (GSM, CDMA and LTE) increased from 1,180.82 million at the end of May -17-1 186,840,000 at the end of June 17, recording a monthly growth rate of 0.11%.

Wireless subscription in urban areas increased from 676.65 million at the end of May to -17 to 680,660,000 at the end of June 17 and wireless subscription in rural areas also increased from 504.18-506180000 over the same period.

The monthly growth rate without urban and rural wireless subscriptions were 0.59% and 0.40%, respectively. The wireless tele-density (%) in India increased from 91.74 at the end, from 17 May to 92.12 at the end of June 17

The urban telephonie without wire density increased from 167.24 at the end of May 17 to 167.97 at the end of June 17 and no Telesphere density rural wire increased 57.12-57.31 during the same period.

The share of non-urban and rural wireless subscribers in the total number of wireless subscribers was 57.35% and 42.65%, respectively, at the end of June 17

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