Railway Tatkal Booking: Reservation, Cancellation Rules, And New IRCTC Facility

Railway Tatkal Booking: Reservation, Cancellation Rules, And New IRCTC Facility

The Tatkal reservation service is intended to provide a booking service for passengers who take a short-term travel in process. The IRCTC through its applications and its site has an online booking system under Tatkal.

Tatkal tickets can be ordered a day in advance, excluding the departure date of the train’s origin station, according to the IRCTC website. The IRCTC website also advises passengers to check available tickets first as part of the general booking before opting for the Tatkal scheme.

The IRCTC website also states that during the trip, at least one passenger, whose identity card number has been indicated on the ticket, will have to produce a proof of identity indicated on the ticket, failing which all passengers Which appear on the ticket will be treated as traveling without a ticket and pay accordingly.

1) Recently, railroads reiterated Tatkal rules after some reports mention that railroads introduced several changes and new facilities since 1 July

2017. “This news is totally incorrect and unfounded. There is a lot of confusion created in the minds of railroad users,” explained railways June 30,

2) The booking time of tatkal tickets was changed in 2015 with the reservation of AC courses open until 10:00 and for classes without air conditioning at 11:00 a day before the actual date of the trip, excluding Of the date of travel. There is no change in time and follows the same arrangement, said the railways.

3) Again, there is no change in the rules for the refund of tatkal tickets, said the train. “Under the existing rule, will not be granted on cancellation of confirmed tickets tatkal / duplicate tatkal ticket.This rule still works.”

4) Recently, IRCTC has added two new payment facilities to book tickets under Tatkal and a general pattern.

5) A new facility called “ePaylater” is powered by M / s Arthashastra Fintech Pvt Ltd as a pilot project.

6) The cost of the service that taxes the use of the “ePaylater” regime is 3.50 percent of the amount of the transaction and applicable taxes.

To inform people about the availability of this method, the ‘ePaylater’ option appears on the payment page of the IRCTC website.

(A screenshot of the IRCTC website.To take advantage of this new installation, the user must close the option of payment against repayment / Paylater left appearing on the payment page)

7) In another payment option against delivery – driven technology Andúril – users of IRCTC will pay by bank transfer, debit card or credit card for the choice of tickets are delivered to your door.

8) “The cash rebate function does not go through the use of a payment gateway and will help users make reservations in seconds, which greatly increases their chance of booking a confirmed ticket under the Tatkal contingent,” said Anurag Bajpai , General director of Anduril Technologies.

9) If you opt for the “Book now and pay later” – based on Andúril technology – through the IRCTC website, you will be directed to a page that says:

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