How To Activate Vodafone’s Unlimited ‘SuperHour’ Offers At Rs. 7, Rs. 21

How To Activate Vodafone’s Unlimited ‘SuperHour’ Offers At Rs. 7, Rs. 21

Amid growing competition in the domestic telecommunication sector led Reliance Jio, Vodafone India announced unlimited time plans from Rs. 7, providing benefits such as data and free calls for a period of one hour.

Called “SuperHour” Vodafone schedules packages come with benefits such as free local calls Vodafone-to-Vodafone data / unlimited 3G plan for prepaid and 4G customers.

Customers can activate the plans through the company’s application – called Mi Vodafone – as well as calling USSD unstructured or supplementary service data, respectively.

The Jio unit, which last month made the new announcements Dhan Dhana Dhan his system, intensified competition in the telecommunications sector, which led to the announcement of new offers and review of existing operators historical offers.

Many established telecoms operators reviewed their frequency data because of the increased competition for Jio’s dependency rate data, some analysts say. How to activate Vodafone SuperHour packages?

.. 7 Rs: The Vodafone SuperHour package priced at Rs 7 comes with unlimited local calls Vodafone-to-Vodafone for the validity period – which is one hour. Customers can access Mi Vodafone, activate the map using Mi Vodafone.

Once the application, look for the SuperPacks section and press it. Activate the package by pressing the button .rs ‘Activate’. 21: Vodafone Rs SuperHour Package. 21 comes with unlimited 4G / 3G data for the period of validity (1 hour).

This package can be activated by pressing the “Activate” button or by dialing the code USSD * 444 * 21 #. This was said in a message in the Mi Vodafone.

Under SuperHour packages, unlimited Vodafone-to-Vodafone call earnings “is not applicable in national roaming,” the telecoms operator said on its website –

Telecommunications company Vodafone India, which is the Indian arm of British giant Vodafone, also unveiled other “SuperPacks”, including superday Superweek offers and super night, which offer unlimited benefits for a limited period….

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